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Re: Excessive CPU load (cygrunsrv.exe, tail.exe, etc)

I do not believe that I am using Process Explorer.

Today, after contemplating my problem for a while, I
noticed some pertinent details that I would like to

This CPU load overload can reliably be triggered by
Enemy Territory.  Guaranteed, every time I run Enemy
Territory, a cygwin process will begin to hog the CPU
starting with cygrunsrv.exe every time, and will
continue until either a) I keep killing (through the
Windows task manager) each cygwin process that
overloads until no more cygwin process exists so I can
return to my game, or b) I terminate Enemy Territory
through the Windows task manager and kill the cygwin
process that is overloading, then no other cygwin
processes will hog the cpu, but I cannot play Enemy
Territory.  I thought that since it could reliably be
triggered this way, perhaps that might assist with any
testing, if any.

Another thing I noticed, after reading Andrew DeFaria
post, was that csrss.exe would be using 25% of the CPU
while the cygwin processes would hog about %75 of the
CPU.  I'm not sure what csrss.exe is, except that I
cannot kill it (Access Denied, even as Administrator).
 I faintly recall seeing it somewhere in Services.

And one last thing:  I mentioned that when I kill
cygrunsrv.exe while it is "overloading", it will
immediately crash, but none of the other cygwin
processes display this behavior.  They all die
Well, it wasn't cygrunsrv.exe that was crashing
immediately after its kill.  Immediately after I kill
cygrunsrv.exe it was UmxCfg.exe that was crashing! 
This appears to be part of the Tiny Firewall (or tpf,
Tiny Personal Firewall for those of you that heard of
it back in the day) system.  I am going to investigate
this newly discovered fact and I'll be sure to let you
all know what I find out.

Steve B wrote:
> When I am playing the freely available standalone
> version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein called Enemy
> Territory and I have various cygwin programs such as
> apache's httpd, tail.exe, cygrunsrv.exe, bash.exe,
> whatnot running, ET will lock up and when I bring up
> the task manager, seemingly random cygwin processes
> will be hogging the CPU until I kill it.  

If you happen to be using Process Explorer from then
that's the culprit.  If you have the "modules" display
enabled and
happen to click on or otherwise display info about a
cygwin process, the
result is a 100% hang until you kill the cygwin


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