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1.5.19: Solution: cannot create temp file for here document: Permission denied

Hi all,

I recently set up cygwin on a Windows 2003 box with NTFS file permissions. I encountered the same problem as mentioned in this thread:

To sum up the issue: Upon ssh login I received the following error message:

-bash: cannot create temp file for here document: Permission denied

One thing I noticed was that looking at the permissions for the tmp folder under the cygwin directory, the permissions for [SERVER]\Users were marked as "Special Permissions" rather than the usual set of permissions (e.g., Full Control, Modify, etc.). Even though the user seemed to have all of the necessary permissions when clicking the Advanced button, I chose to override these permission by clicking the "Modify" checkbox (and additionally all of the permissions that get auto-selected when you choose "Modify") and the error message went away.

One particular detail about our installation that might be involved in this problem: The original installer of cygwin on this particular machine did not give [SERVER]\Users "Modify" permission on the cygwin directory. We only added them after the install. It's possible that adding these permission to the cygwin directory after the install doesn't cascade them in the same way as having them there before install does.

I hope this helps,

Jonathan Gordon.
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