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RE: problem when linking against Sybase dll with cygwin

On 02 October 2006 10:22, Benh LIEU SONG wrote:

> I'm trying to compile some libraries of us which need Sybase dll. 

> I found that It was better to link agains import libraries, which can be
> generated when one has .lib files. That's what I did, following the
> procedure described in
> (Linking against DLL).   
> My def file has reference to functions which end with @n where n is number
> so linking fails (same as Michael Peppler). I redefined _MSC_VER=800 and
> finally got as result :  
> spg_sybase.o:spg_sybase.c:(.text+0xa50): undefined reference to `dbbind@20'

> spg_sybase.o:spg_sybase.c:(.text+0xc68): more undefined references 

> spg_sybase.o:spg_sybase.c:(.text+0x1716): undefined reference to `dbexit@0'

> which I can't understand since I *think* (but may be wrong) my .a fil has
> same references, or have I got something wrong ? 
> here is what an nm on my generated .a file outputs :

> 00000000 T _dbcmd@8

> 00000000 T _dbclropt@12

> 00000000 T _dbclrbuf@8

  How does your linker command-line look?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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