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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: bash-3.1-9

I also appreciate the work you are doing, Eric.

But, (ooh, one of those dreaded buts!), I predict this will be a source of 
endless trouble, still.  Like CGF said earlier, you want to encourage people 
to use binary mounts, yet their \r\n scripts are not going to work unless 
they run on a text-mode mount, d2u, or add shopt.  And in any of these 
cases, people aren't going to know about these options until they've 
complained on this list, first.

I suppose we can get this added to the FAQ right away, which will at least 
alleviate the noise from the few who actually look at the FAQ before asking.

Maybe this can be a lower priority for a while, if you're trying to get 
caught up on some of your other todos, but I don't see the complaints ending 
until a more seamless solution is implemented.

I don't mean to be one of the complainers.  Since I try to keep up with the 
changes by reading this list regularly, I know what to do to work around the 
issue.  I'm just predicting that the level of complaints will rise until 
someone figures out another solution.


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