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Re: 1.5.21 Forked background processes

Steve <pooey66 <at>> writes:

> Hey Igor,
> I am running antivirus software on this system, but disabling this did not
> help.
> My firewall on this machine is always disabled. Also, on one machine I tried
> build 1.5.18, which works fine, and 1.5.21, where I see the problem, without
> manipulating anyhing else. As a matter of fact I tried 1.5.21 on several
> machines with the same results. 
> I also just tried a snapshot from 05-15-06 and I see the problem here as well.
> I'm going to try an earlier snapshot today to see if I can isolate this. 

Hello again,

This is what I managed to confirm so far by using snapshots:

Snapshot 2006-03-09  -  Problem does not exist.
Snapshot 2006-03-18  -  Problem exists

So it looks like this problem arose between 03/09/06 and 03/18/06. Looking at
the change logs in between this time shows what looks like process forking
changes (See change log for 3/13/06) although I haven't tried this snapshot


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