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Re: cygwin unix commands in windows


thanks for your help.

> after further study, I noticed that using "c:/directory" works fine with
> my tests except tar.exe.
> I understand people here may like /cygdrive/c more than c:/.  Just want
> to know if it is an accident feature that all other commands can work
> with c:/ except tar?

You asked, so I'll answer.  Yes, it is an accident that other tools
understand c:/.  Cygwin operates on the philosophy that you should use
POSIX paths, aka /cygdrive/c (or if that is too much typing for you, read
'man mount' for how you can shorten it to /c, by remounting cygdrive as

is there a way to mount /cygdrive/c as /? by default, c:/cygwin is mounted as /.

I really like the feature of "ls /" to display evevrything under c:/

 Another example of a program that parses its arguments is make; you need
only read last months archives for the debate about make 3.80 vs. make
3.81 for proof that using DOS paths in cygwin programs is ASKING for

I just checked the debate. it looks a strong demand for supporting dos path.
A good lessen. I think I need to make a copy of these unix commands in case the future release remove the support of "C:/". :)

Thanks for your tips.


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