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Re: XmGrace does not work

Hi Roberto,alled cygwin in a laptop here, and had exactly the same
problem. The solution was *NOT* to reverse the xorg, but just to run
rebaseall after instalation of the most current version.

A note: if you have the most current version of xorg, even after you
rebaseall, you will have the same problem with the ImageMagick
programs (like 'display'). To solve that, you have to download the old
xorg-x11-bin-dlld- and extract only the


and then rebaseall again.



On 10/5/06, Roberto Veiga <> wrote:
Dear all:

I've installed Cygwin in my laptop running Windows XP, and a program
that I really need a lot (XmGrace) does not work. When I type the
command "xmgrace" and press Enter, nothing happens. I've seen that
this problem is related to the current version of xorg. Ok, I
reinstalled a previous version of xorg, ran rebaseall and XmGrace
still does not work. I uninstalled and so reinstalled Cygwin, with the
previous version of xorg selected, and XmGrace, unfortunately, insists
not to work. Any idea?


Roberto Veiga

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