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Re: Reverting to older Cygwin installation?

mwoehlke wrote:
I've been keeping up with the new make, bash, etc, on my own desktop, but I'd like to try updating our build machine's packages to see if we can get some speed out of the new bash release. However, this being a build machine, breaking it would be *bad*.

I *want* to say I can downgrade (not uninstall and reinstall, downgrade) to the exact configuration we had by backing up the local install directory and - if needed - re-installing from there, but can someone confirm that this will (or at least "should") work?

Well you should at the very least be able to restore the original state by removing your Cygwin installation and installing from the local download directory, assuming it hasn't been changed in any way and that the packages there represented the totality of what you have installed currently. If in doubt, install it on a clean machine and poke around with the result.

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