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Re: shopt igncr not working

On 10/12/2006, Rob Walker wrote:
If you're referring to the performance gain realized, I think it could have been accomplished (if not as trivially) without breaking CRLF handling. This seems to be indicated in other posts, ones that talk about reworking line parsing.

I believe the response to this is <>.  In other
words, if your belief is strong enough and you have the knowledge to back up
that belief, you just need the persistence to follow through on all that to
show everyone your concrete ideas.  Since we've had allot of opinionated
discussions on topics like this from the uninformed or those who lack the
conviction to actually submit a patch to back up their point of view, it's
important to realize here that patches speak louder than words (hm, PSLTW -
acronym alert? ;-) )

Actually, though, I was asking about a bigger-picture strategy. One that appears to be steering Cygwin away from interoperability of the past, towards a more rigid interpretation of what Cygwin's suitable uses are. Do you have a set of guiding principles you consult when deciding the fate of Cygwin? Who do you consider Cygwin's customers to be?

The basic strategy is that in cases where decisions have to be made between
supporting Linux-like behavior or Windows conventions, err on the side
of Linux.  Since the tools are meant to support the Linux way of doing
things, it's important they do.  Otherwise people who are looking for and
expecting this behavior are left out.  They are the ones these tools are
built to support.  That said, support for various Windows ways and conventions
are supported by default and when they don't conflict with the above.  But
when there is a conflict, Linux-like behavior is the goal.

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