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Re: rxvt-unicode-X: package updates to allow building with its embedded perl interpreter enabled wrote:
To allow incremental search of the scrollback buffer with
rxvt-unicode, I recently rebuilt the package with the
--enable-perl option, to include the embedded perl
interpreter required for this feature.

A few changes to the build script and Makefiles were
necessary, because the perl-specific sections had not been
tweaked to be compatible with the sandbox-type package build
process used (.build/.inst/.sinst subdirs).


To the rxvt-unicode-X package maintainer:
I assume you made a conscious decision not to enable the
embedded perl interpreter, due to concerns of impacted
performance and/or added dependencies, but if I'm wrong,
please feel free to incorporate these changes.


In any case, it might be worthwhile incorporating all of the
changes, bar the "--enable-perl" option to the configure
script, so that the package will build cleanly if a user
wants to rebuild with this option.

This is what I will do. I really don't want to require perl at this time, but I'm willing to make it easy for users to compile the package themselves with perl support.


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