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Re: gcc & mingw code?

On 2006-10-18, Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 02:22:23AM +0000, Mike wrote:
>>Does someone have a bit of code that can be compiled static and mingw
>>(the way I understand it) to remove all cygwin dependencies that will
>>run as a windows (xp) service for starting vbscripts?  I cannot install
>>cygwin on all my windows boxes and have a limit to how large an
>>executable I can install on the boxes.  I do not want to muck with the
>>registry beyond installing the service.  Having the program read from a
>>file what vbscript to start and other run-time parameters is ok with
> This mailing list is really not intended to discuss how not to use
> Cygwin.  If you want to use MinGW, please ask questions in the mingw
> mailing list.
> cgf

However the question is how to use cygwin to create a program that
works in a windows environment as a stand-alone executable. That
program would be compiled by gcc under cygwin, hence it is a cygwin


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