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Re: Shared home dir, samba workgroups and ssh

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
As Larry proposed, "StrictModes no" or mapping .ssh to a local directory should help. Another choice would be to start sshd with "nontsec".
Pretty much as I suspected. I missed Larry's response. Sorry. But Corina, you're response here will server others well I suspect.

While I can turn StrictModes to no on my server, I can't on the various Unix machines I might log into at work.

How do you "map" the .ssh directory to a local directory? Would it be something like mv ~/.ssh /cygdrive/c/myssh and then ln -s /cygdrive/c/myssh ~/.ssh? Hmm.... I wonder how that would look/work when I'm on a Unix machine (which shares my home directory) when I ssh from one Unix machine to another...). As for starting with nontsec would that be something like "CYGWIN=NONTSEC ssh <host>" at the command line?

On another front, and this may be of interest to others in restrictive environments, I've downloaded and installed proxytunnel ( since I cannot by default ssh from work to home due to firewall restrictions. This works well and I have changed my ~/.ssh/config to define my home machine to use this proxytunnel thing. However I noticed that while Cygwin's OpenSSH supports these entries in the ~/.ssh/config file, some of the Unix/Linux machines @work barf at it. Guess I could maintain two config files and do the associated magic with aliases/functions/script in the like so that on Unix it ssh's specifying an alternate config file and on Cygwin it starts with the NONTSEC thing. What a bother though. I just want to be able to ssh into a machine with a minimal amount of fuss...


Andrew DeFaria <>
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