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Re: Shared home dir, samba workgroups and ssh

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
Corinna Vinschen wrote:
As Larry proposed, "StrictModes no" or mapping .ssh to a local directory should help. Another choice would be to start sshd with "nontsec".
Pretty much as I suspected. I missed Larry's response. Sorry. But Corina, you're response here will server others well I suspect.

While I can turn StrictModes to no on my server, I can't on the various Unix machines I might log into at work.

How do you "map" the .ssh directory to a local directory? Would it be something like mv ~/.ssh /cygdrive/c/myssh and then ln -s /cygdrive/c/myssh ~/.ssh? Hmm.... I wonder how that would look/work when I'm on a Unix machine (which shares my home directory) when I ssh from one Unix machine to another...).

That's a good reason to copy the directory and then mount it instead of
linking it.  That way only your Cygwin environment sees it.

As for starting with nontsec would that be something like "CYGWIN=NONTSEC ssh <host>" at the command line?

Something like that, yes. ;-)

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