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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [experimental]: readline-5.2-2, libreadline6-5.2-2 (Problems ?)

Angelo Graziosi wrote:
Matthew Woehlke wrote:
Have you checked that this isn't a case sensitivity issue?

Yes, it isn't.

I confirm this

If I'm being blind/dense/otherwise stupid, you might want to leave the relevant part of your message quoted and point at that, rather than providing a link to the message I just replied to (which I have, of course, seen already :-)). Because I don't see where you confirm this.

$ ls -lrt /c/Documents\ and\ Settings/An<TAB>

will not complete

$ ls -lrt /c/Documents\ and\ Settings/angelo

...even though 'ls' will happily list the directory's contents regardless of if you specify the path with a capital or lower-case 'a'. Unless completion is being case-insensitive.

IOW, to make sure the problem is not related to case sensitivity, what does 'ls /c/Documents\ and\ Settings' give you?

Don't use a hippo to... what was I saying?

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