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Re: igncr vs text mode mounts, performance vs compatibility

Brian Dessent wrote:
Rob Walker wrote:

I looked into my scripts a little harder, have better results, some new

I think you are missing the point somewhat. The thing you need to benchmark against is the older bash version before the 'igncr' option even existed, which read every script one byte at a time regardless of mount type or line endings. With typical 'configure' scripts easily exceeding 200 kB (and some more than 2.5 MB!), this resulted in massive overhead. *That* was the performance hit that motivated this whole ordeal in the first place.

I understand you are advocating for igncr being set by default, but I
got the impression that everyone agreed that this would probably be a
good idea, and that Eric would probably make this the default

Indeed.  If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that every possible
angle of CRLF handling has been covered in one thread or another in the
last month or so.  Let's leave this all in Eric's capable hands.  I'm
confident that whatever he comes up with will be better than where we
started and a vast improvement overall for everyone.  From what I've seen
so far, and what Rob's results would confirm, is that the changes made
already are a giant leap forward.  Obviously if there turns out to be a
flaw in the delivered result, I am also very confident that someone on
this list will find it and report it.  Until then, we can all bask in
the bliss of an issue well-covered and the lack of a need for further
email on the subject. :-)

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