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RE: 1.5.21-1 - Crash on anything using cygwin1.dll


I had a same problem with 1.5.21-0 (cygwin1.dll: file version 1005.21.0.0,
build date 2006-07-30 14:21, OS: WinXP Pro SP2). 
Before occurrence of this problem Cygwin version 1.5.19 has been established
on my computer. 
Today at start there was a mistake with the following message:
С:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe (enter)
      8 [main] bash 4404 dll_crt0_1: internal error: couldn't determine
 of thread function on stack.  Expect signal problems.
I have removed the old version and have tried to install current Cygwin
version (1.5.21) from mirror. Installation has passed
successfully up to a postinstall step. On a postinstall step all Cygwin
applications have crash with messages as McLay.

On my computer from the moment of last successful start Cygwin following
changes have been made:
	1) the some patches from Microsoft have been installed.
	2) Agnitum Outpost have been updated up to version 4.0. 
Earlier I had no problems with Cygwin at updating other applications.

Best regards,
Dmitry A. Pashko  

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