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Re: setup.ini causes problems to setup.exe

On Oct 23 10:12, Angelo Graziosi wrote:
> I want to flag that:
> the current setup.ini (20061023 02:00) contains:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> @ libasprintf0
> sdesc: "C-style formatted output in C++ (runtime)"
> ldesc: "libasprintf makes the C formatted output routines
> (fprintf et. al.) usable in C++ programs, with C++ Standard
> Library strings and iostreams.  For instance:
>    cerr << autosprintf ('syntax error in %s:%d: %s', filename, line,
> errstring);
> as opposed to
>    cerr << 'syntax error in ' << filename << ':" << line << ': ' <<
> errstring;
> This is important for gettext/internationalized C++ programs, as the
> format string in the autosprintf example can be translated as a single
> unit, while the C++-traditional style cannot.  Further, autosprintf
> supports
> positional parameters in the format string, which is important when the
> translation rearranges the arguments."
> category: Libs
> requires: cygwin
> version: 0.15-1
> install: release/gettext/libasprintf0/libasprintf0-0.15-1.tar.bz2 104690
> 90a3e2ecaa2d0ad38cc38b3d09e51d7f
> source: release/gettext/gettext-0.15-1-src.tar.bz2 8114519
> 26aac64541e764b50459df008d1f8445
> --------------------------------

I have temporarily removed the example using " (ouch) from libasprintf0's
setup.hint ldesc.  A new setup.ini has been generated which should get
propagated to the mirrors shortly.  Thanks for the hint.


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