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Re: Reboot vs. Restart Windows

On 30/10/06, Andrew DeFaria <> wrote:
Mike Maxwell wrote:
> That's not what I said, go back and re-read.  Wait, I'll save you the
> trouble: I said that 99% of the words we know--not 99% of the people
> who know words--are our definitions that we infer from usage, rather
> than from looking them up.
> The second thing that shows me that you can't read, is that I also did
> not suggest changing terminology.  I suggested changing a message.
> And the change is away from a non-standard usage (in the Windows
> world) to a standard usage ("restart Windows").
> As for my guesstimate, I am a linguist, and it is standard knowledge
> among linguists that most of the vocabulary we use (in our first
> language--second language learning is often different) is not from
> looking definitions up in dictionaries.
It's still a number you've pulled from your ask thus it stinks. Listen
dude - I am often in the Windows world and standard usage in the Windows
world is reboot - trust me!

vb. To restart a computer by reloading the operating system. See also
boot2, cold boot, warm boot.


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