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Re: sh files

Thanks Eric. Unfortunately, your remedy did not work. As I mentioned in my
original mail, all my .sh files were made under unix. But I tried d2u anyway
(you never know), but I got the same result.

Here is an example of one of my unsophisticated .sh files; it was intended
to clean up after a latex session:
rm *.div *.aux *.log 

when I run the (this was the name I gave to it), I get the 'command
not found' error reply.

Does that help to make you better see my problem?

Eric Blake-1 wrote:
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> According to dubcek on 10/29/2006 12:59 PM:
>>>From the time I started using UNIX, I have made at least a hundred
>> .sh files, all of which ran perfectly on my first version of cygwin. But
>> they don't work on the new version.
> What are the failure symptoms?  Without any further details, my guess is
> that you have CRLF line endings, but a binary mount.  Use the d2u program
> to convert your .sh files to plain LF line endings, and things should
> clear up.
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