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Re: Reboot vs. Restart Windows

What you are referring to was the 'soft' restart. If you held the SHIFT key (either I think) during a 'Shutdown -> Restart; it would restart only the windows software. This worked on all versions of windows through windows Me! ... It does not work on any current version of Windows, due to the fact that current versions are built around Windows NT, which did not have a DOS foundation. Windows 95/98/ME were applications that ran on top of DOS, similar (atleast in concept) to the really old Windows 3.x days (and older if you can think back that far).

Having said that, there isn't an official way (that I'm aware of anyway) to restart windows without restarting the system itself. However, I do know a little trick that is supposed to be just as good. Open the task manager, and find 'explorer.exe' in the process list. Perform an end-task on this process. It should reload the windows system files, or atleast thats my understanding.

Good luck all.

Benjamin Madore wrote:
So as to add to the confusion...

At one point, and maybe still, you could "Restart Windows" without rebooting
your computer. If I recall correctly, it would drop to the subsystem (DOS?)
and a message stating "Restarting Windows..." would display on your screen.

So, restarting was not necessarily rebooting at one time. I don't know how
this plays out, though, as either would do what you wanted.

BTW, can one say they restarted Cygwin without restarting windows? Does that
make sense?

On Mon, October 30, 2006 7:56 am, Mike Maxwell said:
Certainly 'reboot' is used a lot. But the standard Ms Windows message
is 'restart Windows.' And I don't know the history, but I would not be
surprised if the reason it started being used (around the time of Win95
or Win98, from what I can tell) is that it is less ambiguous--exactly
the point I've been trying to make.

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