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Re: Any plans to incorporate UTF-8 support into Cygwin?

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 05:47:18AM -0600, Ben Wing wrote:
>There's already a patch that purports to be fairly complete, which 
>modifies Cygwin so that its paths are UTF-8:
>It's extremely annoying now that Cygwin cannot reliably work with file 
>names containing non-ASCII non-Latin1 characters (and even with Latin-1  
>chars it may be touch and go). NOTE: Such filenames come up a lot for 
>me, even though I'm a native US speaker.  Stuff downloaded using P2P may 
>often have foreign words in it or foreign notations in brackets, music 
>tracks from foreign bands often have foreign characters in the 
>filenames, etc.  If a directory has a foreign-named file anywhere in it, 
>both cp -a and tar-cp will fail to copy the directory properly, mangling 
>the filenames in the process.   Any plans to incorporate this fix into 
>mainline Cygwin?  I'd rank it pretty high priority, and it shouldn't be 
>too hard to do.

If this is the same patch that was sent to cygwin-patches, I expressed
my objections to it in that mailing list.  There has been no revised
patch since then.

If it is not that patch, then it has not been submitted through official
channels so there are no plans to incorporate it.

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