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Re: Updating cygwin from a remote shell?

On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 4:58 AM, Thomas Walker <> wrote:
> Apologies if this is a newbie question... I did a decent amount of
> looking through mailing lists but couldn't find anything relevant.
> I'm a Linux/Unix person by hobby and profession and don't really do
> much Windows but my family (living in another state) is still rather
> Windows centric.  A hard disk failure ago I decided to place a dirt
> cheap headless Linux box with mirrored raid on their network and setup
> cygwin on their Windows machines so that I could cobble together an
> easy backup solution based on cron, ssh, rdist, and fuse.
> That all works fine and has done so for some time.  I'm a little bit
> of a security nut though (and sometime also want to be able to add new
> features for myself and for them) and would like to be able to easily
> update cygwin and/or install new packages onto the Windows/Cygwin
> boxes from a remote shell.

>From your remote shell run
$ cygstart /setup.exe -q -n -s http://valid-cygwin-mirror

I assume no one is using the machine who will be freaked out by the
setup app appearing on their screen.

You only have a problem in two cases:
1) The update will clobber an executable you are using (e.g. bash or sshd)
solution: somehow schedule the update & exit out. You may also have to
schedule a shutdown & later re-start of cygserver.

2) You want to add new packages
Here's the route I would pursue: Create your own cygwin repository
(say, http://foosite/cygwin) with a uniquely named empty package (say,
"foo") in the "base" category. Make foo require all the packages you
want, and make sure all the remote machines have foo installed.

Any time you update foo, from the remotely logged in CL run
$ cygstart /setup.exe -q -n -s http://valid-cygwin-mirror -s


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