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Does anyone use insight on cygwin?

Does anyone actually use insight on Cygwin?  Keith Seitz, the insight
maintainer, has recently made changes which will allow insight to work
with a non-special version of tcl/tk rather than the hacked version that
it had previously been built with.  That opens the door to building a
real version of tcl/tk for cygwin and linking insight to it.
Unfortunately, I believe that would mean that insight would need to run
in an X window rather than natively.

The other alternative is to nuke insight entirely.  Is anyone really
relying on it?  Since I barely test it when I release gdb, I'd expect
that there would be problem reports but I don't remember seeing any for
quite some time.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering what insight is - it's the graphic
version of gdb available by typing "insight" or "gdb -w".

If you're wondering what gdb is then please just delete this message.
Nothing to see here.


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