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Re: Mintty running program from shortcut problem

> When we running program with mintty from shortcut, mintty will
> running the program in non login shell without knowing cygwin PATH.
> This will make some kind of error When program try to running
> external program like info run gzip or using shell escape in vim.
> Is this expected behavior?


$ mintty --help
Usage: ./mintty [OPTION]... [COMMAND [ARGS]...]

If no command is given, the user's default shell is invoked as a non-login
shell. If the command is a single minus sign, the default shell is invoked
as a login shell. Otherwise the command is invoked with the given arguments.

It's much the same for rxvt (and xterm) btw: without arguments they
invoke a non-login shell, and to get a login shell you have to tell
them with option -ls.

> Making mintty shortcut running info with this code:
> <code>
> bayu@semampir ~
> $ mkshortcut -D -i /usr/bin/mintty.exe -w /usr/bin -a "info"
> /usr/bin/mintty.exe
> <code>
> When I try to enter the node info produce error like this:
> gunzip < /usr/share/info/ gunzip: command not
> found Cannot find node `Top'.
> note: Making shortcut manually also produce same problem

The problem is that the PATH variable isn't set up, so info can't find
gunzip. Invoking a login shell does set up PATH (in /etc/profile), but
that's not necessary.

> This error not found when using rxvt
> <code>
> bayu@semampir ~
> $ mkshortcut -D ?-i /usr/bin/cygicons-0.dll -j8 -w /usr/bin -a "-p
> /usr/bin rxvt -e info" ?/usr/bin/run.exe
> <code>

The difference here is that you're adding /usr/bin to the PATH using
the -p option to run.exe.

It appears that invoking MinTTY through run.exe keeps its window
hidden, which I guess is what run.exe is supposed to do: "run - start
programs with hidden console window". I don't know why that's
different for rxvt.

> To avoid this trouble use bash -lc <command> so mintty will run bash
> in login shell first.
> <code>
> bayu@semampir ~
> $ mkshortcut -D -i /usr/bin/mintty.exe -w /usr/bin -a "bash -lc
> /usr/bin/info" /usr/bin/mintty.exe
> <code>

As mentioned above, invoking a login shell is overkill here. Just
setting PATH will do:

$ mkshortcut -D -i /usr/bin/mintty.exe -w /usr/bin -a "sh -c
'PATH=/bin info'" /usr/bin/mintty.exe

Alternatively, you could add C:\cygwin\bin to the Windows Path variable.


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