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[ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] Updated: less-418

I've made a new version of 'less' available for installation.  This
is the most recent version of less available from  The
description of what's new from the last release is below.

This version of less drops the reliance on /etc/termcap and uses the
much more modern terminfo library for its terminal handling.

This update is only available for the Cygwin 1.7 beta.


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              ***** Excerpted from the less NEWS file *****

                     NEWS about less

	Major changes between "less" versions 416 and 418

* Color escape sequences are now supported in WIN32 build.

* Makefile now uses EXEEXT feature of autoconf.

* Fix search bug when using -R and text contains ANSI color escape sequences.

* Fix crash when using -r with UTF-8 text containing 0x9B bytes.

* Fix display bug when using ' command to move less than one page forward.

* Update GPL to version 3.


	Major changes between "less" versions 409 and 416

* New --follow-name option makes F command follow the name of a file
  rather than the file descriptor if an open file is renamed.

* Make searching with -i/-I work correctly with non-ASCII text.

* Fix DJGPP build.


	Major changes between "less" versions 406 and 409

* Support CSI escape sequences, like SGR escape sequences.

* Fix bug which caused screen to fail to repaint when window is resized.

* Fix bug in using -i and -I flags with non-ASCII text.

* Fix configure bug on systems which don't support langinfo.h.

* Fix crash when searching text containing certain invalid UTF-8 sequences.


	Major changes between "less" versions 394 and 406

* Allow decimal point in number for % (percent) command.

* Allow decimal point in number for -j option (fraction of screen height).

* Make n command fetch previous pattern from history file on first search.

* Don't rewrite history file if it has not changed.

* Don't move to bottom of screen on first page.

* Don't output extraneous newlines, so copy & pasting lines from the
  output works better.

* The -c option has been made identical with the -C option.

* Allow "/dev/null" as synomym for "-" in LESSHISTFILE to indicate
  that no history file should be used.

* Search can now find text which follows a null byte, if the PCRE
  library is used, or if no-regex searching (ctrl-R) is used.

* Better compatibility with POSIX more specification.

* Make -f work for directories.

* Make "t" cmd traverse tags in the correct order.

* Allow a few binary characters in the input file before warning
  that the file is binary.

* Don't warn that file is binary if it merely contains ANSI color sequences
  and -R is in effect.

* Update Unicode character tables.

* Support DESTDIR in Makefile.

* Fix bug when filename contains certain shell metacharacters such as "$".

* Fix bug when resizing the window while waiting for input from a pipe.

* Fix configure bugs.


	Major changes between "less" versions 382 and 394

* Add history file to save search and shell command history between
  invocations of less.

* Improve behavior of history list for search and shell commands.

* Add -K (or --quit-on-intr) option to make less exit immediately on ctrl-C.

* Improve handling of UTF-8 files and commands, including better
  line wrapping and handling double-width chars.

* Added LESSUTFBINFMT environment variable to control display of
  non-printable characters in a UTF-8 file.

* Add --with-secure option to configure, to make it easier to
  build a secure version of less.

* Show search matches in the status column even if search highlights
  are disabled via the -G option or the ESC-u command.

* Improve performance when the file contains very long lines.

* Add "windows" charset.

* Add man page for lessecho.

* Add support for erase2 character, treated same as erase.

* Use ASCII lowercase/uppercase logic when operating on the command line.

* Update makefile for Borland C++ 5.5.1.

* Fix bug in calculating number of pages for %D prompt.

* Fix bug in handling tag file error.

* Fix obscure bug if input file is deleted while viewing help.

* Fix bug handling filenames which include square brackets.

* Fix possible buffer overflow in "global" tag search.

* Fix possible buffer overflow in usage of LESSOPEN and LESSCLOSE.

* Fix buffer overflow in reverse search.

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