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Re: Using emacs in a terminal window

> I've answered several questions in recent weeks about
> how to use emacs in a terminal window.  To try to clarify
> this, I plan to put some suggestions in
> /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/emacs.README the next time I
> update the emacs packages. The current draft is appended
> below. Please let me know if you see any inaccuracies or if
> anything could be stated more clearly.

Here is an additional item related to terminal-mode Emacs that
might be worth mentioning:

   A better display of colors, underlining, etc. can be obtained
   in the terminal mode Emacs by making use of the terminfo file
   that is included in the Emacs distribution:


   This file (eterm-color) can be accessed by copying it to the
    directory /usr/share/terminfo/e/ (which the user may need to
    create).  The terminal capabilities are then available if
    terminal-mode Emacs is invoked with some variation of:

env TERM=Eterm-color emacs ...

    If the user has the Cygwin version of the 'terminfo' package
    installed, then even more terminal capabilities are available.
    This package provides the files 'Eterm', 'Eterm-88color', and
    'Eterm-256color' in the directory /usr/share/terminfo/45/.  To
    make use of the 'Eterm-256color' terminal capabilities, for
    example, issue some variation of the following commands:

    $ cd /usr/share/terminfo/45/
    $ ln -fs Eterm-256color Eterm-color
    $ cd
    $ env TERM=Eterm-color emacs ...

An alias can also be defined to help:

$ alias edit="env TERM=Eterm-color /usr/bin/emacs-nox --no-splash"

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