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Re: ln -- is there a way to get the old behavior back? (ENV var?)

Eric Blake wrote:
As is, your question didn't make much sense to me; please
show a transcript of exact command line sequences showing what you
are trying to accomplish and why you think that cygwin isn't
doing the right thing, rather than just describing it in words.
Will do --- I may have confused myself.

I have a bunch of links in a home dir, and I though they were cygwin hard
links -- which I thought had been changed to be different from the NTFS
hard links so that tar and such could back them up.  Ug...Now that I think
about it, it's the soft links that were changed to be different from
the WinExplorer links...oh...frack...

Never mind...

Though I still liked the symbolic links the old way -- from what I remember,
as they'd work in windows explorer, but that's not what I was asking for
never mind!...*blush*...

Hey...I have fs problems on the brain (though they are more linux fs problems
than Win fs problems this time...stressful, since my linux server has been my bedrock -- and to have it act up! .. my world is unstable!

sorry for the confusion!

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