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Coping with large iso files for network-independent Cygwin installation

I made separate iso files (setup*exe + setup*ini + release*/) for the
Legacy version [1.5] and current version [1.7]. At 4335495168 and
5039841280 respectively they are both too large to reside on a FAT32
file system, and the larger one can't be burned to an installation DVD.

I put both on a 16G NTFS stick along with ancient portable freeware
VirtualCDRom (which does what it says but allows arbitrarily?? high
capacity disks) and then install directly to a host machine. Easy and
convenient. (Of course, for local installations I guess one could omit
*src*bz2 thus drastically reducing both sizes to be DVD-resident.)

Then I realised: all the files setup*exe + setup*ini + release*/ fit on
the stick anyway: creating *.iso and using VirtualCDRom are redundant

Nevertheless, it is a tantalising problem: what's the best answer to
give to a 3rd party who wants to install [1.7] on a machine without
network access?


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