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Re: pthread_mutex_lock doesn't interrupt

Sorry, I don't have access to the actual POSIX standard, but my
interpretation is based on man pages:

And certainly nowhere have I see "pthread_mutex_lock blocks signals".
The signal we are using is SIGUSR1.  I don't see why the signal would
be deferred since there are no signals being blocked.  Possibly the
first signal gets caught and another one comes while in the signal
handler (where usual that signal should then get blocked) and is
disrupting the processing.


>On 12 July 2010 17:56, James Cotton wrote:
>> Hello, I've been trying to get the FreeRTOS Posix simulator to run on
>> Cygwin and have run into a few bugs in the signal handling/pthread
>> libraries and have isolated test cases
>> I believe when pthread_mutex_lock receives an interrupt it should run
>> it then resume trying to get a lock
>Have you got chapter and verse from the POSIX standard on that? By
>'interrupt' do you mean SIGINT or any signal? Is it possible that the
>signal is just being deferred and then subsumed by later signals?

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