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Re: Difficulty setting up domain SSH daemon under Domain Security Policies

On Jul 22 17:28, Hunter, Bryan wrote:
> Here are the results.
> administrator@detfs01 ~
> $ ssh-host-config -y -c "tty ntsec" -u "TRADE\sshd_server_domain"
> --privileged
> [...]
> *** Warning: Creating the user 'TRADE\sshd_server_domain' failed!
> Reason:
> The syntax of this command is:
> [username [password | *] [options]] [/DOMAIN]
>          username {password | *} /ADD [options] [/DOMAIN]
>          username [/DELETE] [/DOMAIN]

The ssh-host-config script is not made for that.  It has been created to
set up a local sshd installation creating a local account.  Please note
that I mentioned that already at one point:  The script has been created
to help home users in the first place.  A bit of AD support has been
added as a curtesy to the users, but it's not at all complete.  For AD
environmentes, please follow the following procedure explained in the

Having said that, patches to the ssh-host-config script (BSD-licensed,
part of the upstream sources, no snares attached) to add better AD
support are *much* appreciated.
But, given the potential complexity of domain policies, I don't think
there's a generic solution which could be handled by a simple generic
shell script.


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