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Re: changes in 32-bit Cygwin OpenGL causing crashes?

On 25/05/2016 08:08, wrote:
It seems still the same problem with dri-drivers

probably caused by LLVM 3.7

Unfortunately, the dri-driver versions available in the installer
depend on LLVM 3.7, so, even though reverting back to LLVM 3.5
is offered when you select llvm, you can't pull in a dri-driver
that works with that older version of LLVM to test that hypothesis.
So, not much point to offering that older version of LLVM.

Regardless of the fact that OpenGL is broken (again), this is
really a problem with Cygwin as a perennial work-in-progress
and its (lack of) version control.

Feel free to propose a solution compatible with the
lack of dedicated man power.
The package per maintainer statistics can highlight
the workload issue:

   2406  Yaakov Selkowitz
    171  Jari Aalto
    142  Achim Gratz
    141  Marco Atzeri
     82  Ken Brown
     70  Dr. Volker Zell
     44  Achim Gratz/Yaakov Selkowitz
     39  Achim Gratz/Ken Brown
     36  Corinna Vinschen
     26  Andrew Schulman
     22  Jonathan Yong
     22  David Rothenberger
     20  Eric Blake
     19  Jon Turney
     17  David Stacey
Total 3388

Of course not all the packages weight the same;
Jon and Corinna have very heavy loads

I'd like to be able to download a stable-known-to-work-on
a-specified date golden-master Cygwin, without incremental
upgrades, and revert to that known-to-work Cygwin if needs
be. Once every six months? I'd be good with that.

Feel free to use the Time Machine

kindly provided by Peter

Lloyd Wood

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