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Extreme Slowness of cygwin commands [SOLVED?]

(Windows 7 pro, laptop, SSD, 2.5.1(0.297/5/3))

A few weeks ago I reported extreme slowness in cygwin process
activation after a fresh install. For example something relatively
simple like 'ls' or even 'pwd' would take 15+ seconds to start.  

There was no other significant activity on the system and commands
from a command shell or windows power shell started with normal speed.

It just happened again.

Rapport Trusteer Endpoint Protection was running.

It's an IBM product and various banks are beginning to require this is
running before they will let you log in to your account. Typically if
you're not running it when you try to login you'll be stopped with a
"download and install (Trusteer) now" pop-up from the bank site, it's
not something you buy or similar.

I found and clicked their Stop Trusteer Endpoint Protection via the
Start menu.

For some reason beyond my comprehension they require you enter a
captcha but ok no big deal. A popup telling you they are stopping it
lingers for a couple of minutes.

When that popup disappears I went into Task Manager as Administrator,
located Rapport Management Service (something close to that, only
Rapport thing running) and did a right-click end-process.

Slowness immediately disappeared.

I can't say for certain it's related, maybe some other process let go
of something while I was fiddling, but this is the second time this
has worked.

Perhaps someone with more time than I have can try installing
Trusteer, I believe anyone can get it here:

and reproduce this: Slowing down cygwin a lot while not interfering
with other windows activities and perhaps figure out why.

Unfortunately the interference seems intermittant. It was running for
at least a week before this incident and I hadn't noticed any slowdown
until just now. I do type into a cygwin window probably a few times
per hour when working.

Perhaps someone at IBM could take an interest but likely they'd want
more analysis.

At any rate that's the workaround: Stop Trusteer, see if it helps.

   Security: Because you have nothing better to do with your time!

        -Barry Shein

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