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Re: lint kills _Noreturn

Am 30.05.2016 um 10:44 schrieb Corinna Vinschen:

Our cdefs.h is taken almost verbatim from FreeBSD, and FreeBSD's
cdefs.h uses the exact same expressions chcking for lint.

That means almost nothing. The BSD guy might have a good, platform-specific reason to assign a specific meaning to the macro "lint" that's buried in their history, and doesn't even apply to Cygwin. And of course like everybody else, they could simply have got it wrong.

> Don't set lint.

It's not that simple.

On the one hand the global name "lint" is clearly in the user's name space. If an implementation wants to use a macro that means something special, and which user code is not supposed to meddle with, that's what the language has reserved name space patterns for (it should then be __lint or __LINT).

OTOH the original lint, although it's a tool that's used to check for violations of such rules among others, unfortunately used to violate those same rules by predefining a global macro "lint", and existing code still relies on that property to hide non-standard constructs like that _Noreturn from lint.

Disappointingly the more modern implementations of lint still get this wrong, or at least not quite right, in different ways: splint documents "S_SPLINT_S", which at least looks like a macro, but is still in user namespace. Gimpel's ones have "_lint", which is better than "lint", but should really be "__lint".

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