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Re: Cygwin shell eats Windows exceptions?

On 10/13/2016 03:00 PM, Bill Smith wrote:


What if you 'cmd.exe /c foo.exe' from the Cygwin shell?  Will the Dialogue
popup box occur?  If so you can provide a sh script foo to execute the
foo.exe file.
[Bill Smith]
Thanks for the suggestion but that doesn't work. If I try to open a
command prompt from a Cygwin shell (just type in "cmd"), I get the same
behavior where I don't see the popup. If I run "cygstart cmd.exe", then
running the program from the command prompt will generate the popup.

I believe the heart of your question is whether command-line utilities run
under a Cygwin shell react to a terminal exception the same way as when run
outside the shell.  The answer, as you've found, is no, they don't.  This
is by design and there isn't a "switch" to flip to get around it.  The
point is that on Linux/Unix platforms, command-line utilities do not pop up
windows, or any other kind of UI, which seek user input.  Doing so can
cause scripted processes to appear to "hang" and clutter the desktop.
There was a time, long ago, where Cygwin command line utilities would do
exactly that and the behavior was changed to return the error code and move
on, just as would happen under Linux/Unix.

Hope that helps,



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