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Re: Issue with delayed process start and effect on Windows 10

On 2/2/2017 4:12 PM, Paul Kitchen wrote:
Hello Barry,

High Five to you!

I do indeed have Rapport installed and it looks like it does not co-exist
well with CYGWIN.

I rebooted, stopped Rapport and then ran the script I have been trying to
run for a day and it went through flawlessly at normal speed.

It is very strange that 2 different applications that have nothing to do
with each other can interfere with each other in this way.

Not so strange, in my experience with Cygwin.  Lots of security things
interpose themselves in ways that interfere.  In a way, that is what
they're designed to do - to intercept and block certain things.  But
sometimes they just slow down something they allow, something that
Cygwin does a lot, but that other Windows programs don't do so much,
so the purveyor perhaps never noticed the issue (or won't care because
the affected population is too small to be worth the effort).

Regards - Eliot Moss

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