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Re: IPv6 stacks

Gustav Kälvesten wrote:
> Hello,
> - Which and which version of the BSD IP-stacks is the ECOS stack based on?

The default one is OpenBSD.

> - What is the level of the IPv6 support of the ECOS TCP/IP stack? It is listed as non-supported but is it functional? What is included/missing?

Finishing the eCos port to include the IPv6 files. Most of those are
currently not even present...
> - Are there any successful ports of other more (maybe) complete IPv6 stacks to ECOS? E.g.

Not that we're aware of, although (if a customer came along) Red Hat would
love to do it.

> - What was the main issues then porting the current TCP/IP stack to ECOS?

Removing the dependencies on the rest of the kernel. But note that this
stack wasn't ported very "cleanly". There are many issues, like namespace
issues and non-portable header files, that could cause people problems on
certain targets.
> - Are there any short-cuts to take now then one BSD stack has been ported to ECOS if porting another similar stack?

Use the io/eth layer, but don't be afraid of improving the API: there's
lots of improvements that could be made to reduce the number of copies, for

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