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RE: MS DevStudio for eCos development?

All I use MSDEV for is project files and code editing.  Other than that,
I just build on the cygwin command line.

I didn't even know that MSDEV could use another compiler/linker.  I
guessed that it might be able to, but I've never tried to actually do

However, I did see something somewhere about armlinux using something
that integrates right into MSDEV to allow a full armlinux development
environment.  I've now lost the link! :(  I'll let you know if I find it

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[] On Behalf Of Grant
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 9:36 AM
Subject: [ECOS] MS DevStudio for eCos development?

>From the "No, I'm not giving up on Linux, but a guy's got to
eat" department:

Based on my limited use of MS Developer Studio, it appears that
it can be configured to use whatever compiler and linker
command lines you want to do the "build" operation.  It would
make some of my customers a lot more comfortable with eCos
development if I could set up a Developer Studio project file
to compile/link an eCos application.

Does anybody use DevStudio to do eCos application development?

I'm not sure how flexible the error message parsing code in
DevStudio is -- it might require creating a wrapper for gcc that
munges error messages into the expected format.

Grant Edwards

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