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Re: RedBoot and other companies OS products

Adam Agnew wrote:
> > (Assuming this is x86)
> >
> > Yes it can be done, although you must still have a BIOS - no-one has so far
> > been willing to fund a version of RedBoot that can boot Linux with no BIOS,
> > even though it should be comparitively easy.
> To reiterate, this is actually what I've been up to. Although, it still
> relies on LinuxBIOS ( for chipset specific instructions,

Naturally :-). But obviously For the real low end, it would be better to
avoid the overlap between linuxbios and RedBoot. Despite its earlier name
"freebios" I'm not clear on the licensing issues - lack of license doesn't
make it free software :-).

> BTW, could you tell me Jonathan how much it actually costs to get this
> kind of work done?

It depends too much on specifics to quote anything, and normally we include
tools and support as well anyway on top. Of course as with freebios (I
believe) the objective wouldn't be to replace the BIOS - just replace as
much of the BIOS as is required to boot Linux.

As for the specifics of your problem, I don't know enough your particular
problem or about the details of IDE to be of much help, sorry.

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