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Andrew Lunn wrote:
On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 11:54:18AM -0600, Gary Thomas wrote:
Csord?s P?ter wrote:

attached is a code for handling MMC card:
devs/spi/mmc gives an SPI level API (a cyg_spi_device must be defined in a separated module)
devs/disk/mmc is a disk driver (using the SPI API) for writing FAT on the MMC
[See the attached 'info.txt']

The code was tested on a unique hardware, based on LPC2294
Interesting; where did this code come from?  Did you write it yourself?
I ask mostly because most of the files have eCosCentric copyright messages.

If you created this, or have permission to distribute it, then we'd need
a copyright assignment in order to incorporate it into eCos.

A copyright assignement already exists. Alex only told Jifl and me.

But the copyright assignment has been on the assignments list from that day, so there's no excuse ;-).

But anyway, as Andrew also knows, eCosCentric are in the process of contributing an MMC/SPI layer as well. That layer relies on io/disk improvements that I am still in the process of handling and will be checking in fairly shortly (probably tomorrow). The reason being that our improvements have caused API divergence, which is a bad thing for everybody.

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