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re: [patch] AltiVec support for PSIM.

   That just leaves the problem of how to generate an altivec enabled 
   simulator from two files.  I can think of two alternatives: steal code 
   from the more up-to-date sim/igen generator as that supports a 
   ``:include:'' directive; pull a nasty hack such as `cat ppc-instructions 
   altivec.igen > tmp.igen` comes to mind (it does defeat igen's ability to 
   refer back to source code lines though).

yup.  i had a quick look at supporting :include: but that has a few
issues with $(builddir) != $(srcdir) that don't look trivial to solve
and the sim/igen code has changed somewhat...
   Given that I suspect you're going to need to be able to generate 
   multiple simulators - with / without Altivec, stealing code from 
   sim/igen might be the better medium to long term option.  Since, as 
   illustrated by MIPS, sim/igen supports this.

for the short term, i'm going to go with the "cat" hack, but i will
work on making :include: work in the longer term.  as you note, the
cat solution loses the line number info.  

a third solution would be to permit multiple "-i" switches to be
passed to igen, but that also looks non-trivial.  at least the call
to insn_table_expand_insns() would need to be modified somehow, but
i could be wrong.



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