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Re: [wip] How to release section

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Andrew Cagney wrote:

> Attached is a (very obviously) work in progress patch for the internals 
> manual going through how to release GDB.

Approved, with the following comments:

> + Mark as OBSOLETE any uninteresting targets or code files.  This has a
> + number of steps and is slow - mainly to ensure that people have had a
Please use "---" when you want a dash.  (The Texinfo manual explains
why--it's a TeX peculiarity.)

> + @item
> + announce the change on gdb@

You need to double every `@' in Texinfo.  (Actually, I'd suggest to
use a full address here, like this:

  announce the change on @email{, GDB mailing list}

> + announce the change on gdb-announce@

Same here.

> + announce branch date
> + @item
> + wait a week
> + @item
> + you want to encourage people to sanity check their build as you really
> + don't want to be contending with configury problems as getting them
> + committed is complicated.

This last item looks like a footnote, and its style is different from
the other items.  Perhaps it should be a @footnote.

> + As an aside, the branch tag name is probably regrettable vis:
> + gdb_N_M-YYYY-MM-DD-@{branch,branchpoint@}.

This should be in @file, and again double the `@'.

> + NB: Check the autoconf version carefully.  You want to be using
> + gdbadmin's version (which is really the version taken from the binutils

`gdbadmin' is a command, so should be in @code.

> + NB: The reading of .cvsrc is disabled (-f) so that there isn't any

`.cvsrc' should be in @file.

> + @subheading Update the file gdb/ where applicable.

`gdb/' should be in @file.

> + @subheading Mutter something about creating a ChangeLog entry. (both trunk and branch).

`ChangeLog' should be in @file.

> + @subheading Mutter something about updating README

`README' should be in @file.

> + For dejagnu, edit ``dejagnu/src/dejagnu/'' and set it to

`dejagnu/src/dejagnu/' should be in @file.

> + @subheading Do another CVS update to see what the damage is.

"CVS update" should be in @kbd (it's something you type at the

> + You're looking for files that have mysteriously disappeared as the
> + distclean has the habit of deleting files it shouldn't.

`distclean' should be in @samp or @kbd.

> + @subheading Copy all the .bz2 files to the ftp directory:

`.bz2' should be in @file.

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