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Re: [RFA] Support for alpha*-*-netbsd*


I'm really sorry (this is so cruel) we (I guess you and me) need to get 
the Alpha at least partially multi-arched before I can accept this 
target.  Anyone got access to a working alpha port?

Breaking down the changes to at least clear the decks:

alpha/xm-nbsd.h: I don't think it is needed.  PPC/NetBSD, for instance, 
doesn't have one.  I would note that the i386 still uses it to describe 
the host FP but even that is being worked on.

alpha/ The XDEPFILES makefile variable in was removed 
from GDB about 6 hours ago.

config/nm-nbsd.h: Can you submit that separatly with more info.

alphabsd-nat.c: The changes are approved (separatly) but please change 
the macro GETREGS_SUPPLIES into a function.

The rest are on hold.  Sigh.


>  * alpha-tdep.c: Update copyright years.
> 	(alpha_next_pc): New function.
> 	(alpha_software_single_step): Ditto.
> 	* alphabsd-nat.c: Update copyright years.
> 	(fill_gregset): Use regcache_collect.
> 	(fill_fpregset): Likewise.
> 	(fetch_inferior_registers): Only fetch integer registers
> 	if requested to do so.
> 	(store_inferior_registers): Only store integer registers
> 	if requested to do so.
> 	* alphanbsd-nat.c: New file.
> 	* (alpha*-*-netbsd*): New host.
> 	* configure.tgt (alpha*-*-netbsd*): New target.
> 	* config/nm-nbsd.h (KERNEL_U_ADDR): Remove.
> 	* config/alpha/tm-alpha.h: Add prototype for
> 	alpha_software_single_step.
> 	* config/alpha/ New file.
> 	* config/alpha/ Ditto.
> 	* config/alpha/nm-nbsd.h: Ditto.
> 	* config/alpha/tm-alpha.h: Ditto.
> 	* config/alpha/tm-nbsd.h: Ditto.
> 	* config/alpha/xm-nbsd.h: Ditto.

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