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Re: patch to ignore SIGPWR and SIGXCPU (used by pthreads)

> Andrew Cagney wrote:
> Consider SIGXCPU.
> With your proposed change, a program that exceeds its CPU usage will quietly terminate.   The user will loose their entire debug session. This is very different to GDB's current behavour where the signal is intercepted, the program is stopped, and control is returned to the user.
> How does a program exceed its CPU usage?  In any other situation except
> by having a person running the program explicitly set the CPU usage?
> Somebody who knows how to to do that can be expected to know how to
> use the 'handle' command.  On the other hand, we should not expect
> someone debugging a Java program to have to use 'handle'.  That is
> not acceptable, so we need to figure some way to fix this problem.

I don't think it is reasonable to assume that it was the user that set 
the cpu-limit.  That is often a BOFH imposed restriction.

Remember, there is a compromise here.  Change GDB's behavour to give 
GCJ/Linux users a good experience (and in the process cover up a screwup 
- lets be honest :-) VS give GCJ/Linux users a bad experience but 
preserve correct behavour for all other users.


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