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Re: [RFC] document Cygwin native specific commands

> Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:37:35 -0500
>> From: Andrew Cagney <>
>> Hmm.  Given a dump of all of GDB's commands, should there be a kindex 
>> for each?
> Yes, each command described in the manual should be indexed.  That
> way, all users need to type to find the documentation of any given
> command CMD is "i CMD <RET>", once they are in an Info reader.
> The issue of undocumented commands came up several times in the past,
> with Stan reminding us, time and again, a threat to remove any
> undocumented commands from the code ;-)

I've now got something tangable to work with ...

>> What about the reverse?
> I don't understand the question, sorry.

Should, for every @kindex, there be a corresponding command?  I suspect 
this is half correct.  A quick grep came up with things like ``@kindex 
PageUp''.  So that not only undocumented commands but also commands that 
have been removed can be detected - remember the discovery MichaelS made 

>> I think we might have just stumbled across something that is feasible 
>> for the ARI to check.
> A good idea, IMHO.  Perhaps it could also comment out any command
> that doesn't have documentation ;-)

How about I make them disabled but allow the user to re-enable them once 
the've entered documentation at a prompt? :-)

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