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Re: [RFC] document Cygwin native specific commands

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Pierre Muller wrote:

> Thus I looked at the subsection above concerning DJGPP
> specific commands, but there I find a kindex entry
> for :
>    "info dos" 
> "sysinfo"
> but nothing for ldt gdt idt  dos subcommands....
> Shouldn't there be
> @kindex info dos
> ...
> @kindex info dos sysinfo
> ...
> @kindex info dos ldt
> @kindex info dos gdt
> @kindex info dos idt
> ?????

I didn't include the subcommands on purpose.  The reason is that it is 
not useful to have several index entries that all begin with the same 
string and point to the same page in the manual.  That is why I only 
indexed "info dos".

So I guess my assertion about ``every command'' should have been 
qualified by this exception.  Sorry for confusion.

> So 
>   -- should I use 
>   @kindex set shell
> ?

Yes.  That is how all "set ..." commands are indexed in the manual, 

> -- shouldn't in be a w32 subcommand ?

Sorry, I don't understand: the command is "set shell", not "set w32 shell", 
right?  If so, you should have "@kindex set shell".

> but is this possible for set/show commands ?

Is what possible?

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