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Re: -var-update @

On Thursday 27 March 2008 21:58:09 Nick Roberts wrote:
>  > DSF only updates varObj that are visible on screen.  So currently, it always
>  > uses -var-update with a single varObj name (never use *).
> Which must mean that there is a round trip to the target for each variable
> object that needs to be updated.

One usually can issue all commands at once without waiting for the results
to show up first. So depending on circumstances asking $n questions might 
take considerably less time than $n "full roundtrips".

Having said that, roundtrip times are indeed reducing the utility of
the current mi interface: One needs simply too much 'real' roundtrips to
get a screenfull of information. 

As an example I don't need the 'intermediate level' of public/protected/private
information for C++ objects, since I do not want to display that anyway.
Yet I have to ask for --all-children, wait for the response, parse it, only to
discover that it cointains a, say, private and a public block, and ask again
for the 'real' children now. So that's two full roundtrips for what could be one...


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