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Re: linux native async mode support

On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 10:05:42AM +1200, Nick Roberts wrote:
> Attached below.  I've added [board_info gdb_protocol] == "async" since
> "target async" works after Vladimir's changes.

> # This currently only works with native linux and the async remote protocol.
> if { !([isnative] && [istarget *-linux*]) \
>      && [board_info gdb_protocol] != "async" } then {
>   return
> }

It has to be [board_info target gdb_protocol] or [target_info
gdb_protocol].  Actually, this:

if { !([isnative] && [istarget *-linux*]) \
     && (![target_info exists gdb_protocol] \
         || [target_info gdb_protocol] != "async") } then {

> # The plan is for async mode to become the default but toggle for now.
> set saved_gdbflags $GDBFLAGS
> set GDBFLAGS "-ex \"maint set linux-async on\""

Please append to GDBFLAGS instead of setting it; otherwise you'll lose
-nx and it will read $HOME/.gdbinit.

> #if [istarget "i386-*-linux-gnu"] then {
>     linux_async_tests
> #}

Remove the commented out lines.

Otherwise OK.  Thanks for posting this.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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