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Re: [patch] fix for PR2424

Aleksandar Ristovski wrote:
> Vladimir Prus wrote:
>> On Monday 10 March 2008 20:18:06 Aleksandar Ristovski wrote:
>>> Vladimir Prus wrote:
>>> The proposed patch (attached) will produce the following outputs:
>>> CLI:
>>> (gdb) tbreak main
>>> Temporary breakpoint 1 at 0x80483a0: file ./main.c, line 15.
>>> (gdb) r
>>> Starting program: /space/src/testcases/sigsegv/main
>>> Temporary breakpoint 1, main () at ./main.c:15
>>> 15        foo (p);
>>> MI:
>>> (gdb)
>>> -break-insert -t main
>>> (gdb)
>>> -exec-run
>>> ^running
>>> (gdb)
>> For consistency, it's better to use same printing of 'disp' as done
>> in print_one_breakpoint_location:
>>    ui_out_field_string (uiout, "disp", bpdisps[(int) b->disposition]);
>> bpdisps is actually a table local to print_one_breakpoint_location,
>> but there's no reason why it cannot be made a global table.
>> - Volodya
> New diff for code (testsuite remains the same as in previous email).
> array bpstats moved to new function bpstat_text and function used.
> Note: I believe docs need also be changed since in the examples for mi
> there are no 'disp' fields. But I am not sure where do I need to make
those changes.
> 2008-03-10  Aleksandar Ristovski <>
> 	* infrun.c (normal_stop) Move breakpoint_auto_delete further down
> 	to allow printing to 'see' real reason of stop. This fixes PR 2424.
> 	* breakpoint.c (bpdisp_texst): New function. The function takes over
> 	the role of bpstats static array in print_one_breakpoint_location.
> 	(print_it_typical): Print "Temporary breakpoint" instead
> 	of just "Breakpoint" when breakpoint is, well, temporary. For
> 	protocols, print disp field.
> 	(print_one_breakpoint_location): Removed bpdisps static definition.
> 	Call new bpstat_text function to get value for 'disp' field.
> 	(mention): Print "Temporary breakpoint" instead of just

Any thoughts on this?

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