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Re: [RFA/doco] Document "set/show multiple-symbols" command

> Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 11:50:12 -0700
> From: Joel Brobecker <>
> Here is a new throw at documenting this new option. I think I incorporated
> all your comments, and I'm relatively satisfied with the current version.
> Let me know what you think!

Here goes:

> +@node Ambiguous Expressions
> +@section Ambiguous Expressions
> +@cindex Ambiguous Expressions

Index entries should not be capitalized, for consistency with the rest
of the manual.

> +In some cases and depending on the language, it is possible to adjust
> +the expression to remove the ambiguity.  For instance in C@t{++}, you
> +can specify the signature of the function you want to break on, as in
> +@samp{break @var{function}(@var{types})}.

Please use @kbd rather than @samp here, since this is a command one
types at the keyboard.  (Yes, I know the original used @samp.)

>  When you want a breakpoint in a function whose name is overloaded,
> -@value{GDBN} breakpoint menus help you specify which function definition
> -you want.  @xref{Breakpoint Menus,,Breakpoint Menus}.
> +@value{GDBN} has the capability to display a breakpoint menu to help you
> +specify which function definition you want.

I think "a breakpoint menu" is better rephrased as "a menu of possible
breakpoint locations".

Other then that, this text is fine with me.

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