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Re: [PATCH, gdb6.8] -break-list doesn't list multiple breakpoints

Nick Roberts wrote:

>  > > I don't think the second 'addr' field should be there, but I'm not sure
>  > > that I really like this 'locations' field.  4.1, 4.2 etc are breakpoints
>  > > and so I think they should be identified as such (using the bkptno field).
>  > 
>  > They are not really independent breakpoints. For example, condition is part
>  > of the main breakpoint, and removing main breakpoint removes all locations,
>  > so it's better to represent things this way.
> Using the bkptno field means that existing frontends will recognise these
> locations as breakpoints.   

Yes, but those are not a breakpoints, do it will do a disservice to the existing
frontends. In particular, might find it very interesting experience to edit condition
of one breakpoint, and having conditions on other breakpoints change. Likewise, 
changing any properly of location will not work.

I think that right now, the only thing that existing frontend cannot do is to
individually disable and enable locations. This is nice thing to have, but not
very critical, so I think it's fine for only new frontends to have this capability,
given the presenting locations as breakpoints comes with a bunch of issues.

- Volodya

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